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MossLife Honey Bar | Sea Moss Soap

MossLife Honey Bar | Sea Moss Soap

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Lock in moisture for faster healing. The healthy
amount of glycerin content serves to lock in the
moisture of the skin. This moisture encourages collagen
production that speeds up the healing process for your
Let your skin glow! With infused antioxidant and anti-
inflammatory properties from the turmeric, lead your
skin to a healthy glow.
Feel lighter! The healthy components work together
through moisture and cleansing to reduce the effects of
skin conditions like acne and eczema. Feel at ease with
the steady improvement in your skin!
For gentle repair. It's especially difficult to get around
fresh wounds when bathing or washing. With the gentle
formulation of this product, feel safe that you'll still find
comfort even when cleansing.
Efficient storage. The free soap saver pouch is perfect
storage that can minimize the excessive melting of your
soap. It also doubles as a light exfoliating tool for that
much enviable glass skin!

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